ma guilty pleasure

Sunday, January 30, 2011


My life has been full of activity. My photo session was 2 weeks ago and i've signed my contract with roses and pearls. My exams are in 3 weeks and i've moved into school which have been fun.. I pray 2 God that i get very high grades in this 1st semester exams. I've been studying alot but its still not easy. But i know i will pass because God will not put you in some situation that will overcome you. He will give you the strength.. I have to pass, low grades is not even an option. Just three weeks left... *sigh*

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

I fil so sad. I dnt knw wat i've done 2 deserv this.. My bf hurt me... N he makes it luk lyk its ma fault ive cried so mch bcos of im since ds nu yr startd.. He acts lyk he doesnt care.. Am so burnt! I fell in love and now im in trouble.. I fil bad bad bad.. I wish i didnt love im lyk ds.. I wish..