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Sunday, February 26, 2012


Hello world! i know its been quite a while i have been concentrating more on my new blog... well a lot has changed in my life. halcyon is history and so is the naughty boy. Yeah such is life in the world of an Uranian. after bad experience of seeing three guys all at the same time. life thought me a really big lesson and i took a break. broke it off with everyone and lookd back and thought about who really deserved me and i realized i have degraded myslef for far too long and i've had enough!! now me being a hopeless romantic, im in love again.. Jossy.. Its like magic. we have so much in common and i feel blessed to have him. im tired of jumping from one relationship to the other.. we both are! so im not going anywhere. i know he loves me and would do anything for me. infact he is the first guy i can boldly say genuinely loves me for who i am.. there is no point looking outside. we make eachother happy, we understand eachother, we communicate.. nd we cant have enough of eachother. i hope nothing would come between us... im officially in love with Jossy and for once i feel i am not making a big mistake.. so help me God.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012


hello world! so i realized i have a few fans on this blog and they complained i havent been posting. evn halcyon apparently reads my blog! confesssed to me sometime ago over the phone. i promise to be more constant and what with my new blog www.honey-ricci.blogspot.com y'all can feel free to visit its really a nice blog thats open to many issues an discussions :). so, i jus woke up suddenly and lay here in my bed reflecting. i have a birthday coming up.. yes people ny birthday is in two days! and i just realized how slack i am on my planning! my cake the money I'll need! pheeeww! i thought i had it taken care of but really there is a lot of money to be spent even though it is a small scale thing u know just a little get together. but things are hard these days! just recovering from the by force 1 week stay at home because of the strike that arose due to subsidy removal on fuel! really showed one that stayn @ home and doing nothing is actually very expensive. all the money you have saved up will just be going and you wont be getting any income! even I that doesn't know how to spend before! and this period is not a time to rely on anybody because its so easy to blame it on the subsidy removal! anyways i know a everything will work out. i still have unpaid tithes, some people are still owing me money and all that. thank God the strike is over anyways at least i will get more jobs! i will surely keep y'all posted on how my birthday goes and all the gifts i might and might not get! i got my first gift from a certain naughty boy i once mentioned and the shoe he got me spoil the day i wore it! i really do not understand if there was a jinx on the shoe still thinking whether or not to tell him. well right now i have a lot of catching up to do.. dont know how i'll get everything ready but with the help of my dear friend ms clegg everything should be good. as she helped me with my last birthday too.. bless her. anyways right now i have gross lab in a few hours and haven't got much rest. though i doubt getting any sleep i can rest my shoulders and fingers from getting so stressed. so i will keep you al.l posted.. much love xxx PS-pls check out my new blog its www.honey-ricci.blogspot.com once again

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Girl on the Move.....

heyy people. i've been up and down here nd there doing my thing! i have been on a spending spree since yesterday with my coursemates who i have begun to get really close to the sweetie mannie and the miss cheeky nickie.. just been buyn and shoppng it has been fun though. but i need a job asap to make up for the money i have blown. so friday/saturday was something else. slept in an unkown person's house all in the name of working late got delayed and all. it was an ushering kinda job. but atleast i made my money but felt really bad about the delAY. Some guy whom we left our purse in hi car booth went off nd came back abt 1am so i couldnt go back home. i was so pissed. dad was really mad too. but its all good . went for naughty boy's listening party and had a nice time on the beach with my friends and made new ones and even romantic intrests.. which sprut out of a little alcoholish blurry wild moment in tthe backseat and now this guy says he is in love! but i only love halcyon.. let me rephrase that. im only in love with halcyon i may love some but definitely not mr oluwaT whom i jus started talking to on sunday and by yesterday he was professing love for me.. what happened to n'no strings attached'?? seriously! such an emo.. a lot of people are on my neck..its just crazy but im not bothered i have other things on my mind.. like passing my in course test coming up next week. im involved in so may social activities but somehow.. i am convinced i cant fail cuz i know i am not dull... on sunday i have to prech in the adult church scary or what..!!! lots on ma mind right now.wedding on saturdAY.. studying.. money.. boys.. God will make me bigger sha. amen peace out i had a fun day. even went to oluwaT's for his b day nd he told ppl i am his girlfriend smh someone i have only seen 2wks earkier and started talking to about 48hrs ago.. i am in trouble.. so fom shopping to beachparties to wild beach moments to latenight jobs... i still remain yours truly honey ricci.. the girl on the move.. who is currently tired of typing right now. stay blessed a nd wish me best of luck

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

hello world. i know i haven't posted in ages! but here i a m again... my life has been one big bolt of uranian electricity after the other! new characters, new places.. I've met new people situations... it's been fun! I'm finally in med school started lectures, dissecting cadavers and the like.. lab coats nose masks formalin etc etc etc.. trying to adjust to my new life over there. The holiday was so fun and i achieved a lot and improved myself as a model and met with the right people and u know... its been a really good start. i know i am gonna get there.. THE TOP. i met a very sweet friend Flaks and we did most of the exploits together and she flowed well with my old friends and we were one big happy family.... from video shoots to chilling @ the movies it has been me and my Flaks... my wifey as i call her.. i love her so much. i met some certain naughty boys also and one of them has left me in a dreamy state even till now.. but we are gonna get back to than soon enough.. halcyon was not really around during the hols you know and there were lots of trying and sexual frustration and even heartache. but nothing so serious..(who am i kidding.. his absence was making me lose my mind!!!) he didnt really seem to relate though... now i see him more often but not always anyways. a lot of experimenting was also done.. and i did some things i am not so proud of too and am sure halcyon wouldn't want to hear about but i am a woman of little regrets its all part of life. right now im just being myself tryna keep it real. being more ambitious than ever i feel i can do anything and there is no stopping me... i think more of the future these days.. and avoid limitations. i think of myself as a woman of purpose who didn't just come to this planet to take space.. i wanna make a difference.. make a change. i have a lot on my mind. im getting involved with a lot of activities these days. i sit nd think about ways of being productive.. i aint gat time for iranu.. i am strong and independent and i will overcome all that life throws at me.. be it steeple chase tests, pbls, in course, modelling opportunities and evn poor health. i recently had a minor accident that affected my ankle but im glad im gonna be alright. i just want to be in good shape physically, mentally, physiologically and spiritually. even materially.. paper chasing is my standby mode at the moment.. money is essential and i am not to young to think about all these.... so help me God

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The Triumph of the Uranian.. :-D

hello once again world! Well lets seee... I've checked my result, and i am indeed going to medical school only i wont be entering for medicine and surgery (my dream course which i worked my butt off for of course) but physiotherapy..200 level straight up. What can i say, just to thank my God i wasn't dropped off or something. The scar from the first semester still came back to haunt me at the end of the day. I had a bad orientation, didn't manage my time well, and took things too freely. Like i was still in high school you know. I say 'I'm smart, a four point will come automatically, i'll get A's in the courses i claim to know and B's or C's in the physics and maths'. Yeah right! I never knew that this was a whole new ball game and it didn't help that i was constantly deceived by those who i thought were my friends.. But all that is over now. Diploma is over. No point crying over spilt milk. Speaking of which i am actually happy! Like really happy. I played hard ball second semester and it paid off! I got close to a first class this semester! And the cgpa (average) was impressive still. I actually tell everyone its a first class i got this past semester because to me, it is. I worked hard and Halcyon had a big role 2 play. I was emotionally stable thanks to him you know. I didn't need to prove anything to anyone my mind was focused on this one wonderful guy. We studied together, had all the fun together and i did it. I got the four point i truly deserve and i am so proud of myself believe me! That's why i am happy. Glory be to God! He sees everything you do. I learnt one lesson this semester... Hardwork pays off! At least it works for me! I won't let anyone trick me into thinking otherwise never again. If you want it, work for it, pray for it do the right thing.. You are sure as hell not going to regret it! I met my target.... It was jus fate that the cut off had to be increased for obvious reasons. Halcyon got mbbs and am so happy for him. As for me, i'm gonna take on physiotherapy and kill it. If thats what God wants me to do so be it. I'm trying for medicine again though, just protocol since i already wrote jamb in case i didn't make it to 200 level so i would do post utme. But really i dont seriously want to go back to year 1 and go through all that stress again. I'd rather just move foward but as my dad said 'try the two and pray about it!' God know best anyways. I just thank Him for not putiing me to shame and instead shaming the Devil in my life. God is good seriously, i might not say this often but its true. Just try it for once, put your trust in Him.. He never fails.. I'm a living testimony of that.. ;)

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

hello worrld... wats going on! well, i am finally free. am through with exams! it was wonderful. just chilling for the results now..which will hopefully be good. Another good news bloggers! i'm not prego! And never was! lol.. it was a false alarm and i knew that.. :D. Anyways, i just wanted 2 chip in today. I am not really in the artistic mood today.. had a nice one week stay in school before i came home. spent it with ma sweetest Halcyon.. Who i am currently missing terribly.. this is someone i spent most, what am i saying, ALL of my time with this past semester. we were like husband and wife.. i practically lived with him.. ate with him, slept with him, read with him.. we complete eachother.. i feel empty when he's nt around..:( he's d best i eva had. i feel im finally in love like real love.. And i'm 100% sure this boy is in love with me! what else am i looking for? i feel blessed! he rily changed my life in ways i cnt imagine especially after d bad romance i had before him.. And academically also.. i just love him.. really much... we quarrel alot and i get frustrated. it all it takes is one smile or touch.. And i melt. NO ONE.. i mean NO NONE.. has ever made me feel like that.. i jus hope we can fight all factors and limitations and stick together.. im tired of changing boyfriends and all that.. i know someone is reding this and chuckling saying 'you've only just begun' lol. wadya expect i am only 18.. but i'm willing 2 be among those few that actually find their true love on time.. i dont wanna let go. its been almost 5 months its not easy dating me.. we've seen the worst and best in eachother.. he has seen me at my worst and he still loves me.. i just hope he doesnt turn out to be a bastard.. but i trust him enough and is so close to him to at least vouch for him.. That will be all for now.. ciao..

Sunday, June 19, 2011

girl interrrupted..

hello world... Wow.. Long tym no post! Nt my fault nyway.. If i had my pc or if ma fone hasnt bn stolen or i havent had 2 deal with unilag's bad network, perhaps i myt be blogging mur frequently... Iv been rily bizi also... From practicals 2 assignments.. To friends.. Boyfrieennd... Hmmn yeahh n much mur. We thhank God nyways. I have just 2 weeks left 2 complete ma dip programme afta dat im nt gna be doing nytn 4 d nxt 6mnths... Yeah.. Tempting nd dreadful @ d same tym.. Bt ryt nw der r mur pending issues.. 2weeks 2 d end, also means 1wk 2 2nd semester exams.. Yeah.. D results determine weda im goin off 2 med sch nxt year or nt so dats sum serious isht ryt ere... Worsening d whole tension is dt ryt naw... I feel PREGNANT!! Yeah im freakin out ere.. Afta indulging in a careless unpland 4 unprotected sex abt 3wks ago, i nd ma sweet bf halcyon have been havn panic attackss! It doesn't help dt hes such a nervous virgo.. D guy is evn mur scared dn i am! Gosh.. Im avn symptoms bt i dnt knw weda its ma wild imaginatn or sumtn.. I min i wasnt evn ovulating nd halcyon is abt 90% sure he ddnt cum insyd me cuz he withdrew bt i dnt knw guys... Ma whole medical carrreer! Aargh! Bt wat d hell.. Im defnitely nt prego.. Nah nah cant be..(hopefully).. Its all in ma head... Av begd God for 4giveness nyways.. Nd we av agreed nt 2 indulge in such nymur.. I hope so.. Friends! Ds is wer i say gudbye.. Pray dt all will be well.. Mwah

Thursday, March 10, 2011

ma f**king perfect life

hello, world... Finali gt ma blogger's boost.. Av bin so tired. From tests to exams.. Overnite reading. Damn! Education in this country isnt easy . Our papers wer nt spaced.. Seven courses in 5days.. No sleep sum tyms i find maslf sleepn during a paper. Definitely, they dnt want us to pass.. Nt gonna work 4 me dou.. Then d gud part comes. Afta xams, 1wk of flexing, getting drunk, making out nd goin 2 d movies.. It was maad! Evn got me a new boifriend. Halcyon... (nt ril name) ma ex effd up big tym. Broke up with me a week after havn me in his bed with a sily xcuse... Nd thru a text too.. He expectd me 2 beg im 2 cum bak. Gave im d shock of his life by replyn im wv ma own gudbye... He doesnt knw i dnt av tym 2 waste! Other better guys wer w8n in line.. D loser i loved so much despite 'the whole world' was against us... Nd i wasnt gaining ANYTHING from him.. Just ma luv n he threw it bak @ ma face.. He didnt know that 'ma luv is too "electric" to have thrown bak in ma face'. Its his loss.. Which is y i wasnt suprisd wen he came begging two weeks l8r... Kneeling down.. Begging! Wel, i cant go back. He neva deservd a gurl lyk me... I rily lyk my new guy.. But am not exactly friends with romance now.. Im jus going wt d flow... Am thankful God gvs me so mch strength. Not all girls cn handle exams and break up..
Anyways am back home on break. Bored but u trust me.. Am always on the move..;-D muuah! Luv y'al

Sunday, January 30, 2011


My life has been full of activity. My photo session was 2 weeks ago and i've signed my contract with roses and pearls. My exams are in 3 weeks and i've moved into school which have been fun.. I pray 2 God that i get very high grades in this 1st semester exams. I've been studying alot but its still not easy. But i know i will pass because God will not put you in some situation that will overcome you. He will give you the strength.. I have to pass, low grades is not even an option. Just three weeks left... *sigh*

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

I fil so sad. I dnt knw wat i've done 2 deserv this.. My bf hurt me... N he makes it luk lyk its ma fault ive cried so mch bcos of im since ds nu yr startd.. He acts lyk he doesnt care.. Am so burnt! I fell in love and now im in trouble.. I fil bad bad bad.. I wish i didnt love im lyk ds.. I wish..

Thursday, December 23, 2010

A very supernatural christmas

Season's greetings 2 ma fabulous sugars! Just look how tym flies! Unfortunately, am nt filing da xmas spirit so mch.. I am broke, ma dad is broke, n ma sistaz do nt av ma tym.. I dnt av a rich boifwnd.. I watch ma sistas go shopping n bring home dese mad polo shirts..beautiful channel purses.. Ma cuzin got a lace wig done.. (it sucks dou.. Bad workmanship....*thankfully*!) Ma sis buys ds fab baby phat purse, and to top it all off, her rich bf has bin showering her wiv gifts ranging 4m tm lewin to victoria secrets.. Its lyk d whole universe is against ma progress.... And me, i find maself ere on d 23rd. Ma hair is nt made n am filin kinda low i av no idea of were am going wat am wearing or nytn else 4 that mata ds xmas.. Not that am d envious or ungr8ful type, i min, sis gt me swager leggings n hr gracious bf got me ds hot pink/magenta (?) marcopolo 2day n wiv ma lil cash in hand i went 2 da market on d 20th n gt sum awfully cheap low grade random stuff which i dnt rily knw wat i pickd dm 4??...(was amazed by d low prizes n ma shopaholic senses wer at work) i min how often do the cum dah cheap!! Grab dm yle u can!!) bt honestly, it jus made me feel lyk a cheapo! In d long run dou, i'll njoy them wen ds whole feelin washes away... So, atleast i av 2 b thankful 4 dat. Am jus nt in d ryt mood 2 handle dis cuz trust me! Worse has hapnd! Im nt gna carry ds christmas thingy on ma head. Thats d only way.. I gotta b strong... Just take lyf as it cums.. Xoxo...

Friday, September 3, 2010


Bloggers! y'all are looking at d next doctor in town! am gonna b a doctor! i saw my name, my no, wiv ma very own eyes! u knw, afta it all i tot pharm was d isht but no! God did it 4 me. u knw, i didnt knw hw much i wanted 2 b a doctor until i knew there was no hope of being one or at list, i tot i knew! i love every 1!!

Monday, August 9, 2010


I knw i shld get d award 4 d laziest blogger. I min, its bin months! Bt i c a fne or system bt jes cnt bwinp maself 2 write. Apparently dou, ma dad has gvn me some blogr juice.
To b honest, ryt nw am filin veri bad. Am evn cryin. I cm to rant. I cnt bliv my dad said dt he has dne his best 4 me dt i am d 1 causin ma own problems n compounding dm. He said i av d brains bt am nt using it. Dt am just lazy cz i did nt rili pass my screenin xam to unilag. He has givn up on me. You shld av seen hw he has bin shoutin since he came bak 4m work. He complaind bout evrytn 4m cookin to wareva. He pickd on me 4 errtn! Dn he nw cald me n startd sayin all dt. He said al ma fwnds r in uni n am smarter thn them dt its jus lazynes dt made me nt to b in dr shoes. He ws lyk al those studyin med dnt av two heads blah blah. Plz tel me, which all? He doesn't knw in ds day n age its al bout cash. Its onli 1 of ma fwnds dt i knw is studyin med n she went to private uni. She tried 4 lag n it dint wrk out bt since shez in sch hu cares. Al ma fwnds dt r in skwl nw r eithr in priv8 or abroad or r in fedral uni studyin a mediocre course or they paid ther way jus to gt an ok coursd just cz our system is so mesd up! Ma dad jus thinks its izi. I knw i am nt lazy n i did ma best nytn elz wld av bin ilegal. I'm just angry. I cn write on n on bt i gats 2 go nw.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010


I want to END my life! I fil lyk my life is jus a burden to evryone. D world wld b beta 4 many ppl without me in it. Yes! Thats how i feel. My brother just told me that im d onli one in this world that annoys him. He said dt im irritating said i lack wisdom and that he can never respect me. He spoke his mind nd he isn't sori. Evry one i get close to, i giv them sorows upon sorrows. My eyes r fild wiv tears. I jes want to disappear. Wat my brother said hurt! He was so cold nd bitter,... I thought he was ma bestfriend! But he's bin kipin dis in his mind since. I feel like shit. I'm just nasty. He said that my behaviour isn't nice at all. All this 4m ma junior bro. He said i don't respect ma elders tew. Nd he's right im just jerky 2 any1 n evry1. Even Lover Boy! Am sur that he's just putin up wit me. I'm so nasty nd unfair to him. I don't even feel like talkin to any1 agn. I onli make evr1 sad. I shld mayb enrol in sum convent nd bcum a nun nd dedicate ma lyf to God. Sometymz, i fil lyk am being punishd! Wat av i dun to deserve this? I pray n pray to God that i want to change nd then sumtin cums up nd i begin to decieve ma self dt am a guhd person. Yeah, right. God shld jus 4giv me. No one wnts to spik to mi agn like Tboi 4 instance. I evn culd im but he's stil actin like im 4cin maslf on im. I dnt blame im nyway. I SUCK! No one lvs me. I want to disappear. My exams' on Sat. I dnt knw y me nd ma bro had 2 av dis fyt today nd y he had 2 spil TODAY. I was just readin nd pow! I cnt concentrate now. I'l try nd 'cast ma burdens on The Lord' i wondr at times if Jesus evn.... no, i shld prolly nt say that... Yeah ok. I've vented! Not that i dnt stil fil horrible or luk a mess. I was actuali cryin in 4nt of evry1. I hope bro is satisfied nw. I jes want to get away 4m evry1 nd evriting! *sniff, sniff*

Friday, April 9, 2010

Chronicles of an Aquarius Teenage Girl

Hmmn, my exams ar fast approaching. I have jes one week left to prepare. God plz help me. Ah, boys in school want to kil me. Tee isn't talking to me. I feel so...so, like there's this space in me. I didn't do anything to him, we didn't quarel. He jes made up his mind not tew speak to me again. Dizzy is into me nd he believes that its ma fault. He is cool nywæz buh he gets rily jealous these days. Mayb its ma fault,as he said. Mayb i'm so weird when it cumz tew guyz. That i give them hope that am tew friendly. He thinks thats one of the reasons that tee's not talkin to me. 'wat if he likes you?' dizzy said. 'i shld just back off, maybe if i back off things wil be ok'. Purleeze? And agn, Tboi's also nt talkin to Dizy, nd Ronie a gurl he is supposed to like at list last wk nd nw he shuns us all. He is just arrogant. If he's w8in 4 me tew ask im wats wrng or beg im, he's gon grow metalic beard. I knw how he is thats y i say this. If he was sum1 elz, i wld av askd n al dt. Bt teeboi is mur complicatd than that. So, dizzy has turnd me too one hrt robber. Nw is ma fault dt am getin attentn 4m guys in sch. *snorts* all i went dr to do is to study! Is that so wrong. In a wk all these wil b over. If i dnt go 4 post ume class that is. Wel, lover boy is pulin sum tricks. All of a sudden talkin bouh sex. He doesn't knw me its sad rily. He thinks i'l giv it up 2 him. He's drunk. Dis lyf ehn? No one is as they seem. I'll jus trust God.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Message to him

Lyk d way u bhave in general. Ur non chalance, childishnes nd unnecesari jealousy nd d way u jump in2 conclusions abt wat u think am thinkin actin lyk a baby girl. U trit me like IDK, u dnt respect mi or sumn, i kno u like me a lot bt u av 2 kno hw 2 handle me. I dnt gv u probs i dnt disturb u lyk oda girls do ther bfs yet u act lyk u takin me 4 grantd nd d anoyin thing is dt u ar so cloudegd wiv ur 'love' 4 mi dt u tink dt u r duin it al rite n that it has 2 b me hu does nytin cuz u bliv dt i dnt care dt onli u can luv sum1. Evn if dts tru, lv isn't evrytin in a relationship. See ehn, der is a way u trit a gurl dt she wil jus av 2 gv u ur respect u're nyc n al bt ders sumtin misin n its bridgin a gap btw us if u avn't noticed. I dnt lyk u d way i did at first dts d fact bt u r 2 caught up in ur own insecurities. Al u think about is pety jealousy. U av 2 make me fil lyk u r mature enuf 2 handl me bt u r always provin d oposite nd it puls me away further. Plz take ds crius.
JUST SENT THIS TEXT ABOVE TO DEAREST LOVER BOY. My feelings, poured out.. He askd me what i diint like bou him cuz we kinda quarelled. I honestly jus want to break up sometimes... Bt sumtin tels me dt he jus nids sum growin up 2 do. He is scared dt i wil pull some john tucker must die sh*t on him. Cuz i tld im i'd show im lol. Dt was afta he apologisd nd i sed ok. Dn he nw askd me al this... Some crius isht ry?

Tuesday, March 16, 2010


I jes lurve this family lol. Its been like this 4 d past, like, 2 weeks. My world has been between the cullens world ( in d form of the third book of the series, Eclipse...*) and the real world. I've bin mincing d pages little by little, savoring each word, letter...*takes a deep breath* ha! I cant wait to see the movie in June. God bless T. He is d one who gave me. He is, for some rizin, 'mad' at me. It started out like a joke buh nw its somehow. He doesnt evn want 2 tel me what i did. That's jus part of the probs of 'real world'. Last week especially sucked. My secöndary school clasmate died,ya i know, so sad, i was also rily broke(stil broke) n disappointed plus matt and k, my area fwnds wer being pests. Amin, how can people easily forget their place? You let them in nd they think they ar important in ur life! Am refering particularly 2 that Matt! He thinks he has to say everything about everything. He has to have a say! C'mon! Who are they to tell me who to move with. Discussing me, behind 'my' back claiming to be worried. No matter how young n..n IDK, Nigerians claim to be, dey have the same mentality. Jus because my nu budies r male. They do not knoe me. I have made it clear to them. Everythings better now. This is a new week am gna b alwite. Though i am still broke lol. I nid some xcitement in ma life. Thou lover boy came yesterday sha. We spent 'quality time' its a gud sign of a gud wk unlike the last that was filled with canceld dates n angry jealousy. Dizzy (my other 'sw33ter' skwl buddy) came over 2 check on me also. He's d nyc shoulder-to-cry on guy. Anyway i just nid to wait n c what life's got stord up 4 me! The Cullens n Blacks are there to keep me company! X

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Where i'll be in ten years

So i got tagged. Where will i be in ten years. Wel, i would be a medical doctor, hopefully. If i'm not married ( i hope not) i wil hav d apartment of my dreams. I would finaly live alone (ok, mayb with a roomate, i have this thing about stayin alone) buh at least it will be with someone who isn't seeking to control me. I wil most preferably be far away 4m home. Like halfway around the world. About my dream apartment hmn, let's c, i'd av already learnt how 2 swim. So a pool must definitely b der. If i'm maried, i'd have 1 or 2 beautiful kids. Girl: Chloe, boy: Josh. Or girls Chloe and Hermoine. Lol i knw am funy buh serzly. Dts one of ma conditions 4 mariage. He asks 'Will you marry me' and i say, ok but on one condition, ......i name d kids! He he! Any way, so, at 27, i'd av done my share of modelling, from runways, bilboards to music n acting, nd probably already a beauty queen *wink* dat wil be d perfect life. I wil av a job at a fancy private hospital n a fab car.I know i will be successful all in all. D sweetest part about 10yrs 4m nw will be my FREEDOM! Mwah*

Monday, March 1, 2010


Lyf has kinda suckd. Evry body is annoyin me. Yesterday i went to church n as i planned, i didn't sing. I was jus looking at bellatrix n her yansh-fly grrl. My siblings stil wore their crappy uniforms n sang buh me.... Thank God 4 school. Anoda bright spot is a nu friend i made T boi. T is this really cöol funny guy in ma clas. We kip eachoda company. Chat n chat. We burn enuf credit on eachother. Bt its worth it. Its guhd 2 hav some thing fresh in d environment n T is rily an interestin character. Its so fast how we bonded. He evn 4lowd me home on saturday n took some dvds. Apart from that, life has bin frustratin. The weather is so hot! Am so broke! Infact evry one is! Not cool. And d country is a mess our MIA President returns yipee! Onli no one's seen him. Evry one's jus talkin! Not cool. Sometimes u wonder, 'where is God?' wateva sha. All i wanna do nw is read n pass my exams. And watch HEROES n lots of indian movies n forget maself! Jesus should just come n let al these end. Lol