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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Message to him

Lyk d way u bhave in general. Ur non chalance, childishnes nd unnecesari jealousy nd d way u jump in2 conclusions abt wat u think am thinkin actin lyk a baby girl. U trit me like IDK, u dnt respect mi or sumn, i kno u like me a lot bt u av 2 kno hw 2 handle me. I dnt gv u probs i dnt disturb u lyk oda girls do ther bfs yet u act lyk u takin me 4 grantd nd d anoyin thing is dt u ar so cloudegd wiv ur 'love' 4 mi dt u tink dt u r duin it al rite n that it has 2 b me hu does nytin cuz u bliv dt i dnt care dt onli u can luv sum1. Evn if dts tru, lv isn't evrytin in a relationship. See ehn, der is a way u trit a gurl dt she wil jus av 2 gv u ur respect u're nyc n al bt ders sumtin misin n its bridgin a gap btw us if u avn't noticed. I dnt lyk u d way i did at first dts d fact bt u r 2 caught up in ur own insecurities. Al u think about is pety jealousy. U av 2 make me fil lyk u r mature enuf 2 handl me bt u r always provin d oposite nd it puls me away further. Plz take ds crius.
JUST SENT THIS TEXT ABOVE TO DEAREST LOVER BOY. My feelings, poured out.. He askd me what i diint like bou him cuz we kinda quarelled. I honestly jus want to break up sometimes... Bt sumtin tels me dt he jus nids sum growin up 2 do. He is scared dt i wil pull some john tucker must die sh*t on him. Cuz i tld im i'd show im lol. Dt was afta he apologisd nd i sed ok. Dn he nw askd me al this... Some crius isht ry?

Tuesday, March 16, 2010


I jes lurve this family lol. Its been like this 4 d past, like, 2 weeks. My world has been between the cullens world ( in d form of the third book of the series, Eclipse...*) and the real world. I've bin mincing d pages little by little, savoring each word, letter...*takes a deep breath* ha! I cant wait to see the movie in June. God bless T. He is d one who gave me. He is, for some rizin, 'mad' at me. It started out like a joke buh nw its somehow. He doesnt evn want 2 tel me what i did. That's jus part of the probs of 'real world'. Last week especially sucked. My secöndary school clasmate died,ya i know, so sad, i was also rily broke(stil broke) n disappointed plus matt and k, my area fwnds wer being pests. Amin, how can people easily forget their place? You let them in nd they think they ar important in ur life! Am refering particularly 2 that Matt! He thinks he has to say everything about everything. He has to have a say! C'mon! Who are they to tell me who to move with. Discussing me, behind 'my' back claiming to be worried. No matter how young n..n IDK, Nigerians claim to be, dey have the same mentality. Jus because my nu budies r male. They do not knoe me. I have made it clear to them. Everythings better now. This is a new week am gna b alwite. Though i am still broke lol. I nid some xcitement in ma life. Thou lover boy came yesterday sha. We spent 'quality time' its a gud sign of a gud wk unlike the last that was filled with canceld dates n angry jealousy. Dizzy (my other 'sw33ter' skwl buddy) came over 2 check on me also. He's d nyc shoulder-to-cry on guy. Anyway i just nid to wait n c what life's got stord up 4 me! The Cullens n Blacks are there to keep me company! X

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Where i'll be in ten years

So i got tagged. Where will i be in ten years. Wel, i would be a medical doctor, hopefully. If i'm not married ( i hope not) i wil hav d apartment of my dreams. I would finaly live alone (ok, mayb with a roomate, i have this thing about stayin alone) buh at least it will be with someone who isn't seeking to control me. I wil most preferably be far away 4m home. Like halfway around the world. About my dream apartment hmn, let's c, i'd av already learnt how 2 swim. So a pool must definitely b der. If i'm maried, i'd have 1 or 2 beautiful kids. Girl: Chloe, boy: Josh. Or girls Chloe and Hermoine. Lol i knw am funy buh serzly. Dts one of ma conditions 4 mariage. He asks 'Will you marry me' and i say, ok but on one condition, ......i name d kids! He he! Any way, so, at 27, i'd av done my share of modelling, from runways, bilboards to music n acting, nd probably already a beauty queen *wink* dat wil be d perfect life. I wil av a job at a fancy private hospital n a fab car.I know i will be successful all in all. D sweetest part about 10yrs 4m nw will be my FREEDOM! Mwah*

Monday, March 1, 2010


Lyf has kinda suckd. Evry body is annoyin me. Yesterday i went to church n as i planned, i didn't sing. I was jus looking at bellatrix n her yansh-fly grrl. My siblings stil wore their crappy uniforms n sang buh me.... Thank God 4 school. Anoda bright spot is a nu friend i made T boi. T is this really cöol funny guy in ma clas. We kip eachoda company. Chat n chat. We burn enuf credit on eachother. Bt its worth it. Its guhd 2 hav some thing fresh in d environment n T is rily an interestin character. Its so fast how we bonded. He evn 4lowd me home on saturday n took some dvds. Apart from that, life has bin frustratin. The weather is so hot! Am so broke! Infact evry one is! Not cool. And d country is a mess our MIA President returns yipee! Onli no one's seen him. Evry one's jus talkin! Not cool. Sometimes u wonder, 'where is God?' wateva sha. All i wanna do nw is read n pass my exams. And watch HEROES n lots of indian movies n forget maself! Jesus should just come n let al these end. Lol

Gift for d aquarius.

Yummy chocolate!

so lover boy came with some gifts last thursday. I gues dey must b part of ma vals gift. I dint ask im dou.

it was guhd 2 c im. We talkd n stuf n his breath was back on track which was gud nws so he gt sum. If u kno wt i min. *wink*. He's bin al mushy on d fone eva since. D chocolate's finishd. Milk tray. Nyc.