ma guilty pleasure

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The Triumph of the Uranian.. :-D

hello once again world! Well lets seee... I've checked my result, and i am indeed going to medical school only i wont be entering for medicine and surgery (my dream course which i worked my butt off for of course) but physiotherapy..200 level straight up. What can i say, just to thank my God i wasn't dropped off or something. The scar from the first semester still came back to haunt me at the end of the day. I had a bad orientation, didn't manage my time well, and took things too freely. Like i was still in high school you know. I say 'I'm smart, a four point will come automatically, i'll get A's in the courses i claim to know and B's or C's in the physics and maths'. Yeah right! I never knew that this was a whole new ball game and it didn't help that i was constantly deceived by those who i thought were my friends.. But all that is over now. Diploma is over. No point crying over spilt milk. Speaking of which i am actually happy! Like really happy. I played hard ball second semester and it paid off! I got close to a first class this semester! And the cgpa (average) was impressive still. I actually tell everyone its a first class i got this past semester because to me, it is. I worked hard and Halcyon had a big role 2 play. I was emotionally stable thanks to him you know. I didn't need to prove anything to anyone my mind was focused on this one wonderful guy. We studied together, had all the fun together and i did it. I got the four point i truly deserve and i am so proud of myself believe me! That's why i am happy. Glory be to God! He sees everything you do. I learnt one lesson this semester... Hardwork pays off! At least it works for me! I won't let anyone trick me into thinking otherwise never again. If you want it, work for it, pray for it do the right thing.. You are sure as hell not going to regret it! I met my target.... It was jus fate that the cut off had to be increased for obvious reasons. Halcyon got mbbs and am so happy for him. As for me, i'm gonna take on physiotherapy and kill it. If thats what God wants me to do so be it. I'm trying for medicine again though, just protocol since i already wrote jamb in case i didn't make it to 200 level so i would do post utme. But really i dont seriously want to go back to year 1 and go through all that stress again. I'd rather just move foward but as my dad said 'try the two and pray about it!' God know best anyways. I just thank Him for not putiing me to shame and instead shaming the Devil in my life. God is good seriously, i might not say this often but its true. Just try it for once, put your trust in Him.. He never fails.. I'm a living testimony of that.. ;)

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

hello worrld... wats going on! well, i am finally free. am through with exams! it was wonderful. just chilling for the results now..which will hopefully be good. Another good news bloggers! i'm not prego! And never was! lol.. it was a false alarm and i knew that.. :D. Anyways, i just wanted 2 chip in today. I am not really in the artistic mood today.. had a nice one week stay in school before i came home. spent it with ma sweetest Halcyon.. Who i am currently missing terribly.. this is someone i spent most, what am i saying, ALL of my time with this past semester. we were like husband and wife.. i practically lived with him.. ate with him, slept with him, read with him.. we complete eachother.. i feel empty when he's nt around..:( he's d best i eva had. i feel im finally in love like real love.. And i'm 100% sure this boy is in love with me! what else am i looking for? i feel blessed! he rily changed my life in ways i cnt imagine especially after d bad romance i had before him.. And academically also.. i just love him.. really much... we quarrel alot and i get frustrated. it all it takes is one smile or touch.. And i melt. NO ONE.. i mean NO NONE.. has ever made me feel like that.. i jus hope we can fight all factors and limitations and stick together.. im tired of changing boyfriends and all that.. i know someone is reding this and chuckling saying 'you've only just begun' lol. wadya expect i am only 18.. but i'm willing 2 be among those few that actually find their true love on time.. i dont wanna let go. its been almost 5 months its not easy dating me.. we've seen the worst and best in eachother.. he has seen me at my worst and he still loves me.. i just hope he doesnt turn out to be a bastard.. but i trust him enough and is so close to him to at least vouch for him.. That will be all for now.. ciao..