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Thursday, December 23, 2010

A very supernatural christmas

Season's greetings 2 ma fabulous sugars! Just look how tym flies! Unfortunately, am nt filing da xmas spirit so mch.. I am broke, ma dad is broke, n ma sistaz do nt av ma tym.. I dnt av a rich boifwnd.. I watch ma sistas go shopping n bring home dese mad polo shirts..beautiful channel purses.. Ma cuzin got a lace wig done.. (it sucks dou.. Bad workmanship....*thankfully*!) Ma sis buys ds fab baby phat purse, and to top it all off, her rich bf has bin showering her wiv gifts ranging 4m tm lewin to victoria secrets.. Its lyk d whole universe is against ma progress.... And me, i find maself ere on d 23rd. Ma hair is nt made n am filin kinda low i av no idea of were am going wat am wearing or nytn else 4 that mata ds xmas.. Not that am d envious or ungr8ful type, i min, sis gt me swager leggings n hr gracious bf got me ds hot pink/magenta (?) marcopolo 2day n wiv ma lil cash in hand i went 2 da market on d 20th n gt sum awfully cheap low grade random stuff which i dnt rily knw wat i pickd dm 4??...(was amazed by d low prizes n ma shopaholic senses wer at work) i min how often do the cum dah cheap!! Grab dm yle u can!!) bt honestly, it jus made me feel lyk a cheapo! In d long run dou, i'll njoy them wen ds whole feelin washes away... So, atleast i av 2 b thankful 4 dat. Am jus nt in d ryt mood 2 handle dis cuz trust me! Worse has hapnd! Im nt gna carry ds christmas thingy on ma head. Thats d only way.. I gotta b strong... Just take lyf as it cums.. Xoxo...

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