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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Girl on the Move.....

heyy people. i've been up and down here nd there doing my thing! i have been on a spending spree since yesterday with my coursemates who i have begun to get really close to the sweetie mannie and the miss cheeky nickie.. just been buyn and shoppng it has been fun though. but i need a job asap to make up for the money i have blown. so friday/saturday was something else. slept in an unkown person's house all in the name of working late got delayed and all. it was an ushering kinda job. but atleast i made my money but felt really bad about the delAY. Some guy whom we left our purse in hi car booth went off nd came back abt 1am so i couldnt go back home. i was so pissed. dad was really mad too. but its all good . went for naughty boy's listening party and had a nice time on the beach with my friends and made new ones and even romantic intrests.. which sprut out of a little alcoholish blurry wild moment in tthe backseat and now this guy says he is in love! but i only love halcyon.. let me rephrase that. im only in love with halcyon i may love some but definitely not mr oluwaT whom i jus started talking to on sunday and by yesterday he was professing love for me.. what happened to n'no strings attached'?? seriously! such an emo.. a lot of people are on my neck..its just crazy but im not bothered i have other things on my mind.. like passing my in course test coming up next week. im involved in so may social activities but somehow.. i am convinced i cant fail cuz i know i am not dull... on sunday i have to prech in the adult church scary or what..!!! lots on ma mind right now.wedding on saturdAY.. studying.. money.. boys.. God will make me bigger sha. amen peace out i had a fun day. even went to oluwaT's for his b day nd he told ppl i am his girlfriend smh someone i have only seen 2wks earkier and started talking to about 48hrs ago.. i am in trouble.. so fom shopping to beachparties to wild beach moments to latenight jobs... i still remain yours truly honey ricci.. the girl on the move.. who is currently tired of typing right now. stay blessed a nd wish me best of luck

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