ma guilty pleasure

Sunday, February 26, 2012


Hello world! i know its been quite a while i have been concentrating more on my new blog... well a lot has changed in my life. halcyon is history and so is the naughty boy. Yeah such is life in the world of an Uranian. after bad experience of seeing three guys all at the same time. life thought me a really big lesson and i took a break. broke it off with everyone and lookd back and thought about who really deserved me and i realized i have degraded myslef for far too long and i've had enough!! now me being a hopeless romantic, im in love again.. Jossy.. Its like magic. we have so much in common and i feel blessed to have him. im tired of jumping from one relationship to the other.. we both are! so im not going anywhere. i know he loves me and would do anything for me. infact he is the first guy i can boldly say genuinely loves me for who i am.. there is no point looking outside. we make eachother happy, we understand eachother, we communicate.. nd we cant have enough of eachother. i hope nothing would come between us... im officially in love with Jossy and for once i feel i am not making a big mistake.. so help me God.


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