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Monday, August 9, 2010


I knw i shld get d award 4 d laziest blogger. I min, its bin months! Bt i c a fne or system bt jes cnt bwinp maself 2 write. Apparently dou, ma dad has gvn me some blogr juice.
To b honest, ryt nw am filin veri bad. Am evn cryin. I cm to rant. I cnt bliv my dad said dt he has dne his best 4 me dt i am d 1 causin ma own problems n compounding dm. He said i av d brains bt am nt using it. Dt am just lazy cz i did nt rili pass my screenin xam to unilag. He has givn up on me. You shld av seen hw he has bin shoutin since he came bak 4m work. He complaind bout evrytn 4m cookin to wareva. He pickd on me 4 errtn! Dn he nw cald me n startd sayin all dt. He said al ma fwnds r in uni n am smarter thn them dt its jus lazynes dt made me nt to b in dr shoes. He ws lyk al those studyin med dnt av two heads blah blah. Plz tel me, which all? He doesn't knw in ds day n age its al bout cash. Its onli 1 of ma fwnds dt i knw is studyin med n she went to private uni. She tried 4 lag n it dint wrk out bt since shez in sch hu cares. Al ma fwnds dt r in skwl nw r eithr in priv8 or abroad or r in fedral uni studyin a mediocre course or they paid ther way jus to gt an ok coursd just cz our system is so mesd up! Ma dad jus thinks its izi. I knw i am nt lazy n i did ma best nytn elz wld av bin ilegal. I'm just angry. I cn write on n on bt i gats 2 go nw.

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