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Thursday, March 10, 2011

ma f**king perfect life

hello, world... Finali gt ma blogger's boost.. Av bin so tired. From tests to exams.. Overnite reading. Damn! Education in this country isnt easy . Our papers wer nt spaced.. Seven courses in 5days.. No sleep sum tyms i find maslf sleepn during a paper. Definitely, they dnt want us to pass.. Nt gonna work 4 me dou.. Then d gud part comes. Afta xams, 1wk of flexing, getting drunk, making out nd goin 2 d movies.. It was maad! Evn got me a new boifriend. Halcyon... (nt ril name) ma ex effd up big tym. Broke up with me a week after havn me in his bed with a sily xcuse... Nd thru a text too.. He expectd me 2 beg im 2 cum bak. Gave im d shock of his life by replyn im wv ma own gudbye... He doesnt knw i dnt av tym 2 waste! Other better guys wer w8n in line.. D loser i loved so much despite 'the whole world' was against us... Nd i wasnt gaining ANYTHING from him.. Just ma luv n he threw it bak @ ma face.. He didnt know that 'ma luv is too "electric" to have thrown bak in ma face'. Its his loss.. Which is y i wasnt suprisd wen he came begging two weeks l8r... Kneeling down.. Begging! Wel, i cant go back. He neva deservd a gurl lyk me... I rily lyk my new guy.. But am not exactly friends with romance now.. Im jus going wt d flow... Am thankful God gvs me so mch strength. Not all girls cn handle exams and break up..
Anyways am back home on break. Bored but u trust me.. Am always on the move..;-D muuah! Luv y'al

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  1. Well aren't you just a gorgeous ray of sunshine and independence! :D Aha, I miss you babe, and good for you.