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Sunday, June 19, 2011

girl interrrupted..

hello world... Wow.. Long tym no post! Nt my fault nyway.. If i had my pc or if ma fone hasnt bn stolen or i havent had 2 deal with unilag's bad network, perhaps i myt be blogging mur frequently... Iv been rily bizi also... From practicals 2 assignments.. To friends.. Boyfrieennd... Hmmn yeahh n much mur. We thhank God nyways. I have just 2 weeks left 2 complete ma dip programme afta dat im nt gna be doing nytn 4 d nxt 6mnths... Yeah.. Tempting nd dreadful @ d same tym.. Bt ryt nw der r mur pending issues.. 2weeks 2 d end, also means 1wk 2 2nd semester exams.. Yeah.. D results determine weda im goin off 2 med sch nxt year or nt so dats sum serious isht ryt ere... Worsening d whole tension is dt ryt naw... I feel PREGNANT!! Yeah im freakin out ere.. Afta indulging in a careless unpland 4 unprotected sex abt 3wks ago, i nd ma sweet bf halcyon have been havn panic attackss! It doesn't help dt hes such a nervous virgo.. D guy is evn mur scared dn i am! Gosh.. Im avn symptoms bt i dnt knw weda its ma wild imaginatn or sumtn.. I min i wasnt evn ovulating nd halcyon is abt 90% sure he ddnt cum insyd me cuz he withdrew bt i dnt knw guys... Ma whole medical carrreer! Aargh! Bt wat d hell.. Im defnitely nt prego.. Nah nah cant be..(hopefully).. Its all in ma head... Av begd God for 4giveness nyways.. Nd we av agreed nt 2 indulge in such nymur.. I hope so.. Friends! Ds is wer i say gudbye.. Pray dt all will be well.. Mwah

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