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Saturday, March 13, 2010

Where i'll be in ten years

So i got tagged. Where will i be in ten years. Wel, i would be a medical doctor, hopefully. If i'm not married ( i hope not) i wil hav d apartment of my dreams. I would finaly live alone (ok, mayb with a roomate, i have this thing about stayin alone) buh at least it will be with someone who isn't seeking to control me. I wil most preferably be far away 4m home. Like halfway around the world. About my dream apartment hmn, let's c, i'd av already learnt how 2 swim. So a pool must definitely b der. If i'm maried, i'd have 1 or 2 beautiful kids. Girl: Chloe, boy: Josh. Or girls Chloe and Hermoine. Lol i knw am funy buh serzly. Dts one of ma conditions 4 mariage. He asks 'Will you marry me' and i say, ok but on one condition, ......i name d kids! He he! Any way, so, at 27, i'd av done my share of modelling, from runways, bilboards to music n acting, nd probably already a beauty queen *wink* dat wil be d perfect life. I wil av a job at a fancy private hospital n a fab car.I know i will be successful all in all. D sweetest part about 10yrs 4m nw will be my FREEDOM! Mwah*

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  1. lmao... maybe WE'LL be roommates in that fabulous apartment somewhere... so I can beat you at swimming lol... love your plan and love your kids' names... thanks for reminding me, I name the kids!!!