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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Message to him

Lyk d way u bhave in general. Ur non chalance, childishnes nd unnecesari jealousy nd d way u jump in2 conclusions abt wat u think am thinkin actin lyk a baby girl. U trit me like IDK, u dnt respect mi or sumn, i kno u like me a lot bt u av 2 kno hw 2 handle me. I dnt gv u probs i dnt disturb u lyk oda girls do ther bfs yet u act lyk u takin me 4 grantd nd d anoyin thing is dt u ar so cloudegd wiv ur 'love' 4 mi dt u tink dt u r duin it al rite n that it has 2 b me hu does nytin cuz u bliv dt i dnt care dt onli u can luv sum1. Evn if dts tru, lv isn't evrytin in a relationship. See ehn, der is a way u trit a gurl dt she wil jus av 2 gv u ur respect u're nyc n al bt ders sumtin misin n its bridgin a gap btw us if u avn't noticed. I dnt lyk u d way i did at first dts d fact bt u r 2 caught up in ur own insecurities. Al u think about is pety jealousy. U av 2 make me fil lyk u r mature enuf 2 handl me bt u r always provin d oposite nd it puls me away further. Plz take ds crius.
JUST SENT THIS TEXT ABOVE TO DEAREST LOVER BOY. My feelings, poured out.. He askd me what i diint like bou him cuz we kinda quarelled. I honestly jus want to break up sometimes... Bt sumtin tels me dt he jus nids sum growin up 2 do. He is scared dt i wil pull some john tucker must die sh*t on him. Cuz i tld im i'd show im lol. Dt was afta he apologisd nd i sed ok. Dn he nw askd me al this... Some crius isht ry?

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