ma guilty pleasure

Tuesday, March 16, 2010


I jes lurve this family lol. Its been like this 4 d past, like, 2 weeks. My world has been between the cullens world ( in d form of the third book of the series, Eclipse...*) and the real world. I've bin mincing d pages little by little, savoring each word, letter...*takes a deep breath* ha! I cant wait to see the movie in June. God bless T. He is d one who gave me. He is, for some rizin, 'mad' at me. It started out like a joke buh nw its somehow. He doesnt evn want 2 tel me what i did. That's jus part of the probs of 'real world'. Last week especially sucked. My secöndary school clasmate died,ya i know, so sad, i was also rily broke(stil broke) n disappointed plus matt and k, my area fwnds wer being pests. Amin, how can people easily forget their place? You let them in nd they think they ar important in ur life! Am refering particularly 2 that Matt! He thinks he has to say everything about everything. He has to have a say! C'mon! Who are they to tell me who to move with. Discussing me, behind 'my' back claiming to be worried. No matter how young n..n IDK, Nigerians claim to be, dey have the same mentality. Jus because my nu budies r male. They do not knoe me. I have made it clear to them. Everythings better now. This is a new week am gna b alwite. Though i am still broke lol. I nid some xcitement in ma life. Thou lover boy came yesterday sha. We spent 'quality time' its a gud sign of a gud wk unlike the last that was filled with canceld dates n angry jealousy. Dizzy (my other 'sw33ter' skwl buddy) came over 2 check on me also. He's d nyc shoulder-to-cry on guy. Anyway i just nid to wait n c what life's got stord up 4 me! The Cullens n Blacks are there to keep me company! X


  1. Ah! So that's where you've been. Living in Forks eh? I gotta admit though, the life of Bella Swan (minus all the supernatural craziness) is pretty sweet some times. But nothing beats your own life hun. Like they say, there's no place like home (no matter how enticing the vampire-next-door's crib may seem)