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Friday, April 9, 2010

Chronicles of an Aquarius Teenage Girl

Hmmn, my exams ar fast approaching. I have jes one week left to prepare. God plz help me. Ah, boys in school want to kil me. Tee isn't talking to me. I feel so...so, like there's this space in me. I didn't do anything to him, we didn't quarel. He jes made up his mind not tew speak to me again. Dizzy is into me nd he believes that its ma fault. He is cool nywæz buh he gets rily jealous these days. Mayb its ma fault,as he said. Mayb i'm so weird when it cumz tew guyz. That i give them hope that am tew friendly. He thinks thats one of the reasons that tee's not talkin to me. 'wat if he likes you?' dizzy said. 'i shld just back off, maybe if i back off things wil be ok'. Purleeze? And agn, Tboi's also nt talkin to Dizy, nd Ronie a gurl he is supposed to like at list last wk nd nw he shuns us all. He is just arrogant. If he's w8in 4 me tew ask im wats wrng or beg im, he's gon grow metalic beard. I knw how he is thats y i say this. If he was sum1 elz, i wld av askd n al dt. Bt teeboi is mur complicatd than that. So, dizzy has turnd me too one hrt robber. Nw is ma fault dt am getin attentn 4m guys in sch. *snorts* all i went dr to do is to study! Is that so wrong. In a wk all these wil b over. If i dnt go 4 post ume class that is. Wel, lover boy is pulin sum tricks. All of a sudden talkin bouh sex. He doesn't knw me its sad rily. He thinks i'l giv it up 2 him. He's drunk. Dis lyf ehn? No one is as they seem. I'll jus trust God.

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