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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Another day in the life of an aquarius teenage girl

Well, dis is lyk ma first entry apart 4m d 'about me' MEET HONEY. So jes b supportive. K.
Woke up in d murnin. Started a brand nu day. I wishd dt i shldn't get out of bed buh i had 2 cuz i av 2 go 4 tutorial classes 4 ma upcomin uni matriculation exam. I'm so tired. One biola guy broke me 4m ma sweet sleep at 1am in d murning. Tik, tok by ke$ha kept playin in ma head *wake up in d murnin feeling like P.diddy* urgh! It was ma ringing tone. I met biola on vals day wen i went 2 e-centre by invitation of d kizzle arena. We've bin inboxing eachother on facebook dn we fynali met on saturday d 13. Now dis murnin he calls me 2 tel me how he cnt stop thinkin abt me n dt he likes me. He kept repeatin dt he neva tells girls dt he likes dem dt it is alwayz kinda d oda way round! 'i've heard you', i kept squelching down d fone. Wat could i say. I have a boyfriend! Biola evn saw im wiv me on dat dae so wats his stress. So dis murnin i stood up anyway. Did ma chores n dn off 2 school! Matt saw me off, another suitor, hu's nt exactly ma kind of guy, jes like biola. Bt unlike bee, he actuali wants 2 gt married! Am jus 17, n i repeat, i HAVE, A BOYFRIEND. But Nigerian guys dnt undastand dose 3 words its a sad story indeed. Gtg now. Comment! If u lyk

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