ma guilty pleasure

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Rants. New look. And mur rants

My daily horoscope sed its d day of nu looks. So i changed ma hair. I ddnt evn see it until i've startd making my hair. Men, it wasn't izzi. Ma head hurts. All 4 d sake of lookin guhd! Evrytin abt we girls is complex. I jes got off d phone. Matt was online. He was tellin me loads of stuff about him self n his plans. Its jes so sad 2 c d ironic truth in ds lyf. People like him ar always born in2 d lower class. While d ones wiv money misbehave. He's lyk a case study. I felt like crying listening 2 im. Y is lyf so unfair! He was evn frustrated at a time n wantd 2 go 2 d dark side buh he kept his faith. He's so focusd n strng. I hope dt his drims cum true. D troubling thing however is how he kips addin me 2 hs plans. He wants 2 mary me. He was tellin me about how he wil build me a big hospital wen he bcoms an architect. He evn went ahead 2 say dt he knows i av filins 4 im dt i dnt want 2 show. I laughed at dat. 'i know dt the filinr ar there but for some reasons u wnt let dm grow' he said. 'its natural' he kips saying. All dis nigerian guys lookin 4 wife. He wants 2 twist small girl lyk me's brain. Buh his story is stil wat is wel...interestin. Lyf Lyf!


  1. Aww poor Matt. I do hope he gets what he wants but he's gotta let go of that dream of you by his side. If it's meant to be then it'll happen, he can't force it. Luvya babe