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Sunday, February 21, 2010

The Secret Life of a Church in Magodo

Omo men. It has happend. Dt witch in ma church! She made sur dt ma dad was removd 4m his position nw she has a hold on d church. I dnt kno wat d witch went to tel d authorities dt made dm 2 take d decision n openly declard an unqualified minister (hu is her 'boy')2 bcom d pastor-in-charge. She is nw indirectly controlin church. Bellatrix. Yeah, i'll giv hr dt nickname. D evil witch. All d bullcrap she's pulld in dt church! Onli God cn judge her! Why is dis happening in d church of d Lord! Isn't dis mur or les d 'dirty' Godfada-Godson crap playd in politics. Buh babes, its being playd in d house of God! Bellatrix tried nd tried 2 frustrate ma dad out of his position. She evn cookd up lies n went 2 tel dose up stairs dts wen we al knew dt she was a hypocrite. Dey cleard dt up n we al thot dt we nw knew hu was hu. But she had oda plans, she has bin trainin her 'yansh-fly' preparin im 4 dis day n dn purposely brought d higher authority 2dae cuz no one wil question im. Den, boom! He dropd d bomb shell. D shocker. Ma poor dad. Its sad rili. It is dm dt i pity nyway. Bellatrix n hr dogs cuz they're gonna fall so hrd! Yeah. D best thing we shld do is 2 leave dt church. Cuz it won't grow. It hs bin stagnant since bellatrix came n so it wil stay.(we av nt completed d buildin n its bin, wat, 5yrs nw) Going 4m such a long distance i'l b relivd 2 leave d church. I neva njoyd goin der 4m time. Bella kild all d fun in dt church wen she came. Der ar mur intrestin churches u cn go wer dey dnt complain abt ur dressin or b stuck in one crappy choir wher u dnt wanna b. Wearin crappy uniforms evri sunday dt nid assesment by fashion police. Urgh! Leavin dt church is mur lyk a bonus. Buh it al dpndz on ma dad. N if we do kip goin, choir is exed! I'l feed y'all updates bloggers.

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