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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Heya bloggers! U kno dt i tld y'all i'll kip u updated. Apparently, dad tld us dt 'God said' we shldn't leave d church. Dt He wil use wat happend 4 his purpose! Grrh! It almost sounded like he was xpectin dm 2 gv im hs position back. My sis evn tld im. Evn if he's goin, y shld we cum along. I wnt evn say nythin agn. He doesn't wnt 2 gv bellatrix wat she wants he sed, 'they'll xpect rxns' tell me, is leavin a reaction? But we're bac 2 it once agn tryin 2 be al impressive n nt HUMAN. i can't stand it i cant. I won't sing in dt churcg agn thats ma own. I n ma bro tld dad. It cnt b d same agn! How can we worshp witout resentment in our hearts, how wil we concentrate. Bt he wönt jes listen! As if dts d onli church in lagos! Buh rmba its 'thus says d lord' thing so puuf!
Dt aside, av started a new lesson. Its alrite. I ddnt end up goin 2 d 1 i talkd abt discoverin last they wern't crius enuf or @list as mariam (a girl i met der, we bonded instantly n she was nu 2) said. I dnt rily av xperience wiv dis lesson tutorial bizness. So afta we closd, (mind u, we ddnt pay) we went 2 check out one dt she's familiar with n dts wer i ended up goin 2. Av bin registerd idlized n av startd mingling! And learnin of cuz.

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  1. Oh sweetie, I'm sure it'll all work out eventually.