ma guilty pleasure

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

From the beautiful mind of moi

Wat a day! Didn't go to school 2day. I am rily tired. I do all d bloody work in ma house! So i jes stayed in. Seyi, ma cute boyfriend, came over. He was rather reservd. As usual, he started talkin n was all cheerful at first den calmd n started 2 act bored. 'Not again!' i mused. We've talked about this dammit! But its happening again! If its cuz we didn't make out (or mur lyk i didn't let thngz get that far, atleast 2day, through ma body signals) well, it wasn't going 2 happen. His breath wasn't xactli fresh 2day. I wonda if he brushd buh sumtin wasn't jes ryt! So, kissing was out of d question. I've tld im, its not evrytym am in d mood. I wonda if dts al boys think about! But he doesn't undastnd he jes sulks n doesn't tlk! So dt was 4 his part. I had an appointment at 4 so he had 2 leave. He started acting lyk am kickin im out. Humph! Wat do i do wiv im! Wasn't he d one hu kept sayin 'oyinda, i'll soon start going' 'go n check wat u r cooking' blah blah! He was nw txtin c ask if i'm tird of im afta our 195th day which wuz 2day. Yes i know,weird, buh he actuali counts!
D remaining part of day tym was out ov da houz. Afta dinner, i met up wiv matt downstairs. I must say, i enjoyd his company, we get along veri wel n we're both aquarians so u know. He's jes 2 rugged. He claims he loves me die! Dose eyes...buh wateva. Its nt gonna happen. Biola kips sendin 'thinkin ov u' texts. *sigh*


  1. My darling Sabrienah, if the boy's breath wasn't so fresh, hand him a freakin' mint! No stank breath should be around your gorgeous self at what? 2 in the afternoon?! Well, Seyi should thank the good Lord it wasn't me. You know how it would've gone down no?


  2. Lol. Maybe i should buy a carton of mints 2 d houz 4 'foggy days' such as these! He he!