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Saturday, February 20, 2010

Blah blah

Cant sleep. Don't kno wat 2 post sef. Let me talk about ma day. Went 2 lesson nd again, d biology n chemistry teacher ddnt show up. Dose peeps ar not crius at all. I cant jeopardize ma upcomin xams bcos of dier incompetence! Afta d usual english n physics clas i headed home n branchd at dis oda tutorial i've bin noticin b4. It is closer 2 d houz n its cheaper. And d hours ar less! How convinient! Thank god i've nt paid 4 d one am going 2! Gudbye Sammie-Wonder, yup, its a name. D onli kid dts duin lesson wiv me. And gudbye mr tola. Wil mis u guys bt gurl's gotta run. I was so tired 2day wen i gt bac buh afta indian movies, playin wiv ma sistahz pals( they all gather ere on fri afta work dou hr bf cumz almost evrydae afta work). Evn afta it al am stil awake n its past midnyt. Wel 2mao is sat. Dad's out of town which is kind of a relief. Things ar beta in a way wen parents ar nt around. Biola continues hs rants of luv. I think he's sincere (tho dt isn't d exact wrd dt pops 2 ur head wen u c im, wat, wiv all dt 'black shades' swag). Buh i made things clear 2day nuthin's gna happen! So friends is a stampd agreement nw. I savd im d waste of tym. Buh he stil insist dt d luv was ril

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